Who am I?

Hello!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Lets start by getting to know who I am….

peonies are my favorite flower, vanilla is my favorite scent, pink is my favorite color, and now you know me to some extent!

My name is Laurel, I am 18 years old and  a current freshman in college! Im pretty much a bundle of joy. I love all things pink, all things yellow, and all things white. Having a blog has always been a dream of mine but I have never really had the courage to do it. I would always start one and then end up deleting it. But since I am in college and I have now completed my first semester, I figured why not! My life is kinda like a rollercoaster so why not document it… it could be funny to read later down the road… right?? But anyways.. I am so excited to share my life with you. This blog is going to consist of just about everything that makes up my life. Football, school, fashion, makeup, dogs, advice, and Jesus just to name a few. I have always felt called to help others and I think this blog will be a good way to start. This is the start to a brand new adventure.. so lets do it!